Welcome to the History of the Catalyst Trust 2016

A history - Catalyst was set up in 1998 to promote new, practical policies directed to the redistribution of power wealth and opportunity.

Catalyst was not aligned to any political party, but we are an organisation of the left, of democratic socialists, with a clear statement of purpose and an Editorial Board comprising individuals who have all made substantial contributions in the fields of politics, economic and social policy.

They intended to use our network of Board members and contacts to identify and publicise radical proposals which conform to our values, as stated in our aims.

They believed in the importance of argument and the victory of ideas and we welcome the support — moral, intellectual and financial — of anyone who shares our beliefs.


A history of the Catalyst Trust

Catalyst was an independent organisation which has been established to promote economic and social policies which are radical and modern, but rooted in practical experience.

Catalyst's values were long-standing and are firmly established in the labour movement. As democratic socialists we believe in the redistribution of power, wealth and opportunity - so that everyone has the chance to share fully in the civic, economic and cultural life of society. People should have as much power over their own lives as possible - which means extending democracy, encouraging participation, and protecting individual liberty.

Human rights

Human rights - including social, economic and environmental rights - should be fostered, and discrimination ended. We should all be able to make the most of our lives, and be offered the opportunities to develop our talents and put them to use. With co-operation and mutual support, individuals, communities and governments can ensure a world which is safer, more prosperous and more just.

Catalyst was formed in the first year of the new government. Our aim is to provide some of the intellectual energy and commitment that the government will need if it is to achieve its ambitious objectives. To be both radical and durable, policies must be based on the insights of the academic community, and the practical experience of those who use and deliver services. We will publish original ideas which are innovative yet grounded in experience.

They believed strongly in the value of public debate, and that proposals which are well- scrutinised will prove more effective in implementation. Our regular pamphlets will therefore provide commentary on existing policies, while offering new proposals in a form which can be readily implemented. Our arguments will be rigorous, our style accessible. Our challenge is to open a dialogue between decision-makers and the public at large, and to convince both of the need for the truly radical agenda we will bring forward.

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A warm Green Welcome to the History of the Catalyst Trust 2016


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